Belper Goes Green

Running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 2nd, 3rd and 4th June 2017 is Belper Goes Green .

Declared a ‘General Election Free Zone’ I’m really excited to be there on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday I will be in the Fun Palace from 11 – 1 doing a workshop making (and stuffing!) bird feeders and for the rest of the day on both days I will be lounging about on my stall until 5 (festival opens at 11).

The whole event is free to attend, there are two stages with live entertainment on both days and lots of other activities including stone balancing! It’ll be my first time and I’m really looking forward to it. Looking forward to catching up with Green Emporium and Veggies from Nottingham, and T4 sustainability who expertly fitted my wonderful solar panels (need to talk to them about storing the energy now!) and the wonderful Vork Pie (see if you can spot one of my baskets in their photoshoots – both products look very handsome)

So that’s my lunch sorted for both days, my energy needs discussed and a browse around the excellent eco goods – and that’s just the people I know!

Come along – it promises to be a couple of great days.

PS, they tell me it is always sunny at Belper Goes Green

Willow Sundays update

Willow Sundays at Primary Gardens

Come and join us at Primary Gardens. NG7s very own urban Garden Centre. Located in the grounds of  ‘We Are Primary’ , on the first Sunday of the month we will be making different willow creations designed to be beautiful and useful in the home and Garden.

10am -1pm – £20 — includes materials, tools and hands on tuition and refreshments also 10% off plants at Primary Gardens

Following the past success of our workshops we will have a rolling programme from September 2017

A.  Obelisk/Plant supports

Using weaving techniques used in basketry you will make a five foot obelisk; ideal for sweet peas and other light climbers. The same techniques can be employed to make larger supports for crop such as beans.

B. Hurdles—using willow and other garden trimmings learn how to make useful hurdles or fences for your garden/allotment

C. Using similar techniques to the obelisk workshop make fat ball feeders in willow

D. Using free weave techniques make sculptures for your garden (or home) Spheres and/or Chickens

E. Home decorations

All of the above will give you familiarity with the material and will help if you want to attend a basket making course.

Proposed schedule

DATE Workshop
3rd Sept 2017 C
1st October 2017 D
5th November 2017 E
DATE Workshop
3rd Dec 2017 E + Xmas
6th Jan 2018 C
4th Feb 2018 A
DATE Workshop
4th March 2018 B
1st April 2018 A
6th May 2018 D

Please contact  or visit for more details.

Alternative contact: of Primary Gardens