Happy New Career!

I did it! I left work (regular paid employment; working for someone else) on 31st March and I’m not going back. I’ve discovered a new intolerance for people who say ‘Oh I hear you’ve retired!’ An intolerance that is bordering on murderous thoughts. “No” I say patiently “I’m self employed” – someone actually said recently ‘same thing’ – it really isn’t.

I’m now putting in 10 hour days, easily,  7 days a week, but I’m loving it. I’m on a mere fraction of what I was earning, but the rewards for the things I am doing far outweigh any monetary value. Just simply MAKING things is making me very happy indeed. Long may it continue.

I’ve had some great workshops at Primary Gardens

I’ve made hurdles and obelisks and not too many baskets, something I need to remedy. I’ve made some great connections and have had some superb support from people.

That’s enough gushing for now, there’s so much to do! I’ll just include some untitled photos below to give you a flavour….