Fresh Willow Weaving

Sunday 11th December

Free workshop running in conjunction with The Park Market, Newcastle Circus, Nottingham. NG7 1BJ from 11 -3.


Bringing the best local food & producers to Newcastle Circus Nottingham NG7 1BJ in the heart of the historic Park Estate in Nottingham on the last Sunday of every month

Completing a willow deer in The Park

We’ll be using freshly cut Black Maul willow from Musgroves in Somerset – it’ll be a challenge, many willow sculptures are made over a number of days and I have but 3 hours! Come and lend a hand and learn about how willow can be used to make striking sculptures.

I have completed the ‘skeleton’ of the deer in advance so we’re not starting completely from scratch – this is quite a unique opportunity and it is free – courtesy of the Nottingham Park Resident’s Association.

The Farmers Market is always a good event and so close to Christmas a great place to buy presents for that hard to please foodie in your life – as well as many other gift ideas and great food and drink to be enjoyed on the day.

Hope to see you there!




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