As my knowledge grows I am particularly enjoying repairing old baskets of friends. I am really not at all tolerant of the throwaway culture we live in and the consequences of things like plastic on sea bird populations

The first is a basket that has been used to carry food to and from the allotment of its owner, until one day, the tea flask was just a little too heavy for the handle:

I took it into my workroom


Having removed its lid and weaving down to the last wale, I replaced the stakes, rewove the top and border with new material and replaced the lid.

It actually didn’t take that long and was so satisfying knowing it wasn’t going to be thrown away.  Any afficionados looking in will note I haven’t turned the corners properly, this was before I was taught square work. In due course I expect the basket back when I can rectify that. Of course the great thing about baskets as compared to plastic trugs and the like is that at the end of their useful lives you can burn them to warm you without great detriment to the environment and certainly without interference on the digestion or well being of sea birds.

A basket I rescued yesterday was a much loved log basket that had seen better days:

Classic handle detachment and crumbling border. I’m told this basket is about 15 years old. It isn’t a traditionally made one and the sides are two French Rands on top of each other without a wale – the fact that it had lasted 15 years was pretty amazing! Knowing it was valued by its owners I just set about replacing the border (adding in three wales!) and adding two new side handles, I also gave it a thorough dunking; it’s very handsome now:

If you have a basket that has seen better days that you’d like repaired, send me a photo and some measurements, sometimes it isn’t possible to repair the basket but I many be able to recreate the basket from new material – don’t send it to landfill – get in touch!

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